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              DJL is the leading internet legal service platform in mainland China
              We are committed to creating a completely new legal service model that provides clients with honest, professional and high-quality legal services.
              To become the most Trustworthy Legal Service Expert for the client
              To create value for clients by innovation of technology and service
              Client-centric, Technology-oriented, Innovative and Teamwork
              Innovative Service Model under Technical Support
              DJL works together with legal professionals in different fields to optimize and model the legal knowledge and dispute handling process in the field of IPR, and cooperates with the first-class information technology experts in China to implant the collective wisdom of many legal experts into the intelligent system.
              The team of DJL deeply integrates technology and law
              Senior lawyers with more than ten years of practice, former large-scale corporate legal personnel and other legal professionals
              Data experts and IT experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and well-known Internet companies
              DJL is able to make the work of brand protection more professional and refined

              Under the support of big data and AI technology

              The work in different links is completed by different and more suitable personnel under the unified scheduling of the intelligent system

              Manual labor in some links are even directly replaced by machines

              The overall service efficiency is higher, the cost is lower, and the quality is better

              The corresponding service staff configuration

              completely different from the traditional law firm

              The positions of evidence investigator, case analyst, case manager, etc. are established within DJL

              DJL has established an external high-quality cooperation network covering 26 provincial-level administrative regions in mainland China

              Business Compliance and Confidentiality
              As a professional legal service provider, DJL pays particular attention to issues of business compliance and trade secret protection.
              Within DJL

              We have formulated the Code of Conduct of DJL, the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Code, and the Code of confidentiality,

              and provide specialized training for each employee when they join DJL.

              DJL requires all employees to protect the rights and interests of clients at any time in the code, and must not harm the interests of clients in any way.

              Before deciding to cooperate with a lawyer or a law firm

              Conduct a due diligence on whether this lawyer or law firm has been punished due to the violation of the lawyer's professional ethics

              It shall be investigated whether this lawyer or law firm has an agency contract in conflict of interest of the client of DJL

              After confirming the cooperation

              All the cooperation lawyers of DJL must sign the Business Ethics Commitment Letter and the Confidentiality Agreement

              If lawyers are found to have violated the Business Ethics Commitment Letter and the Confidentiality Agreement, the cooperation will be immediately terminated and penalties are made

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